Carrollton gynecologist charged with sexual misconduct

By Ryne Turke on January 7, 2016 at 12:46pm

A gynecologist practicing in Greene County is in trouble with the law again.

According to reports from KTVI in St. Louis, 63-year-old Roger Schroeder displayed some inappropriate behavior at Big Bend Antiques in Maplewood, Missouri on October 10th.

Reports claim Schroeder was allegedly seated on a couch, which was visible through a glass window, pulled his shirt up and his pants around his ankles.

Police say that Schroeder was fondling himself. After he noticed the customers could see him, Schroder allegedly pulled his pants up and told the woman to “not tell anyone what she saw.”

Schroeder was arrest and released, pending application of warrants.

KTVI reports that Schroeder has been involved in similar incidents like this before.

A Jersey Community Hospital patient accused Schroeder of sexually abusing her in 2006. Reports claim the woman woke up during the procedure to find Schroeder “licking her breasts.”

In 2005, an individual filed a complaint against Schroeder for allegedly “rubbing his genitals on the mouth” of a patient.

Schroeder was indicted 10 years ago by a Jersey county grand jury for aggravated battery and criminal sexual assault.

Schroeder is currently on probation. Calls to his office in Carrollton were not returned.