Carrollton man arrested in connection with August home invasion

By Benjamin Cox on September 10, 2018 at 2:33pm

A man from Carrollton is behind bars after being arrested for an incident that occurred in Jacksonville two weeks ago.

The Jacksonville Police Department was called in the early morning hours of August 28th and were advised of a man who unlawfully entered a Morgan County Housing Property in the 100 block of Walnut Court. This man, now identified as 23 year old Johnny Jones of the 1000 block of Locust in Carrollton, reportedly broke into a residence inside the Morgan County Housing Properties near Barr Park. According to police reports, Jones began striking a female inside the residence repeatedly causing injury.

After another individual in the residence at the time called 911, the official police report says that the call was abruptly disconnected and a final report of the incident says that Jones took a cell phone that did not belong to him.

Johnny Jones was booked at the county jail at approximately noon today for Home Invasion, Burglary, Criminal Trespass to State Land, and Domestic Battery. Jones remains behind bars.