Carrollton PD, Greene Co. Sheriff’s Deputies Capture Porch Pirates

By Benjamin Cox on December 30, 2020 at 11:39am

Two individuals were arrested in Carrollton on December 18th for porch piracy. Porch pirates are common this time of year, as they go around neighborhoods stealing packages from front porches. Doorbell cameras and social media helped to allegedly thwart 2 individuals on the Friday before Christmas in Carrollton.

35 year old Michelle L. Carraway of Jerseyville and 36 year old Justin G. Counts of East Alton were arrested shortly before 2PM on December 18th by Carrollton Police and Greene County Sheriff’s Deputies. According to the Greene Prairie Press, the arrest came less than a half hour after a photo of Carraway was posted on Facebook allegedly showing her taking a package off a porch equipped with a doorbell camera. The female depicted in the video left the package on the porch because of its weight and then joined a man on a sidewalk in front of the home. The homeowner then alerted police and posted the photo on a Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade group to alert the entire county.

According to Carrollton Chief of Police Mike McCartney, the entire department was being fitted at city hall for new bulletproof vests and were all able to simultaneously to take the call and round up the two individuals. McCartney says that the couple had only managed to hit 3 homes in the area because they were on foot.

Upon arrest, Counts received an additional charge of possession of methamphetamine. Counts was also awaiting previous charges in Greene County Court for possession of a weapon by a felon and a petition to revoke probation from a previous conviction. Counts remains lodged at the Greene County Jail. Carraway was cited for theft and criminal trespass to land. She has since posted bond and been released. Both are due to appear in Greene County Court today for arraignment.