Cass County Health Department Reports Significant Jump in COVID Cases

By Benjamin Cox on August 8, 2021 at 5:34am

The Cass County Health Department announced Friday a substantial uptick in cases in the county over the past week.

In the past five days, there have been 49 new cases of COVID-19. This amount equals the total cases from the previous 25 days combined. Cass County has been identified as a County of high community transmission due to having case rates that are five times higher than the acceptable case rates that are defined by the CDC. It is recommended that all individuals in Cass County, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask anytime they are in an indoor public setting.

As of Friday, the Cass Health Department is reporting that just over 45% of the county has been fully vaccinated. Since the start of May, 92% of all positive cases in Cass County have been in unvaccinated individuals or 176 out of the 191 cases during the same time period. Currently, there are 52 active cases in Cass County with one of those currently hospitalized.