Chicken ordinance talked about at City Council meeting

By Gary Scott on September 16, 2015 at 1:36pm

With plans to allow hens in backyards in Jacksonville remaining in committee, the subject was broached during Monday’s City Council meeting.

An ordinance was proposed late last month that would allow four hens and no roosters for back yards of single-family residences, with a 20-foot restriction from a neighbor’s house.

Alderman Bill Scott, the chairman of the Planning and Public Works Committee, says there has been a lot of feedback.

“I personally have had numerous emails from people in favor of it, I’ve had people walk up to me on the street that weren’t in favor of it. Other aldermen, one in particular, has had several phone calls from the west end. I think really we need to do a thorough search and find out everybody’s thoughts on this before we pass anything. “I think it can pass, but also protect your neighbor,” says Scott.

“It’s basically being wrote up in ordinance form, and then the committee will pick that ordinance apart and add to it or subtract from it. So, once we have our next meeting, that will happen.”

Alderman Tony Williams said educating the public will be key for the ordinance.

Other Planning and Public Works Committee updates on Monday night included two-hour parking in downtown Jacksonville. Scott said Jacksonville Main Street is still finalizing the design for signs.