City Council reviews zoning map properties for Jacksonville

By Ryne Turke on July 14, 2015 at 8:35am

Jacksonville City Council members were in unanimous favor of amending three zoning map properties during Monday’s meeting.

A first reading was reviewed for each property and Alderman Bill Scott reviews the details.

“403 West Walnut is being rezoned and that is at the corner of Church and Walnut. That is going to be a roof construction company that is building a new building for their own business,” says Scott.

“300 Douglas Avenue is the Salvation Army property and they are building a new building across the street from their existing building. 600 North Clay is the old Hobby Horse building. That is from a firm out of Springfield that is putting in a barber shop and beauty supply shop. I’m sure they will be opening for rental purposes too.”

Scott says the property at 600 North Clay has put in a parking lot, took down the fencing and cleaned up the area.

Mayor Andy Ezard says city council had a good discussion regarding two revolving loan funds with the city.

“SafeCo is buying a building on Mauvaisterre for the expansion of the donut shop. Krush Nutrition is asking for additional money for restorations of the Times Theater. We just discussed it and the council is in favor of loaning this money to both individuals for being good, respectable businessmen,” says Ezard.

The loan funds will be on next month’s agenda.

The city accepted a proposal from Wright Automotive to purchase a 2015 Ford F-150 for the Municipal Services Department and a proposal from Westown Ford for two 2015 Ford Tarus’ for the Community Development Department.