City council talks about residency requirements

By Gary Scott on February 25, 2015 at 8:21am

Jacksonville aldermen will continue to hear about any non-union city employee who wishes to live outside the city limits.

The topic was brought up during Monday night’s city council meeting because of a specific employee that wished to do so. Ordinances state those employees are supposed to live in the city limits but Mayor Andy Ezard explains union employees have recently been allowed to start living elsewhere in Morgan County.

“The city attorney [asked] council if for every one of these that come across my desk, do [they] want them brought to the city council, and they said they would prefer that to happen instead of having it be at my discretion,” explains Ezard.

“I understand, but I feel that we’ve already been down this road, and I don’t understand really why it wouldn’t be my discretion. But, I will do what the council wants me to do in this aspect, and hopefully we won’t have many of these situations, so that’ll be the good part.”

Ezard says it’s a rare request.

“We want to attract good employees, and sometimes, the skill sets that we’re trying to establish are met, and we would allow that,” he says.

Ezard explains non-union employees who wish to live outside the city limits have to agree to a half-percent pay cut.