City finance committee gets update on website update

By Ryne Turke on October 8, 2015 at 7:22am

The Jacksonville Finance Committee received an update on the city’s new website this morning.

Mayor Andy Ezard appointed a committee in February to look into the possibility of updating the current website.

Alderman Don Cook says the committee has been working diligently to get this project completed.

“They did give us a brief overview of what they have accomplished. The item will be placed on the workshop agenda for next Monday night’s meeting to discuss,” he says.

Cook says the website is eight years old and has become outdated.

“If you get on our website, sometimes it’s not very user-friendly, and the information is very difficult to find, so they want to make sure the new website is something that’s going to be easily accessible to the general public, and that the information on the website can be easily found,” says Cook. “That’s the main focus of the project right now.”

Cook added that Jacksonville residents will appreciate having city information and business easily available.

Cook says the committee plans to have the project done by the summer of 2016.