City putting finishing touches on South Clay project

By Gary Scott on July 6, 2017 at 12:22pm

Local residents may have noticed some construction taking place on the campus of MacMurray College.

The City of Jacksonville, with help from Hutchison Engineering, is finalizing a streets and sidewalks project on South Clay between College and State using motor fuel tax funds.

Vice President of Hutchison Engineering Jim Burke serves as the Project Manager for the city’s Transportation and Municipal Services Department. Burke explains the type of work being done at the location.

“The proposed project includes the removal and re-installation of existing curb and gutter. The curb that was there had dilapidated to a point that it wasn’t serviceable anymore, so we’re removing it and installing new curb and gutter. Behind that curb and gutter, we will be replacing handicap ramps and some sidewalk. At the completion of that work, then there will be milling and overlaying South Clay Avenue from College to State Street,” says Burke.

He says that the work currently being done near MacMurray’s campus will wrap up the South Clay project.

“This is actually the final piece of the Clay Avenue project to connect Morton up to State Street. A number of years ago, we did the section of Clay Avenue from Morton up to College, and this small section was remaining. So this project finalizes that out and improves some safety concerns for MacMurray with students crossing Clay Avenue mid-block, and upgrading the facility for better parking, better road quality,” Burke explains.

As for a timetable for the project, Burke says it work will continue for the next few weeks, but that it’s scheduled for completion before MacMurray kicks off the 2017-18 school year in mid-August.