City Reminding Residents of Rules for Operating Golf Carts/UTVs on City Streets Following Complaints

By Jeremy Coumbes on June 2, 2021 at 1:32pm

The City of Jacksonville is reminding area residents about the proper use of golf carts and UTV’s on city streets.

City Clerk Skip Bradshaw says the city has already received complaints regarding operators not abiding by city ordinance rules with their vehicles.

He says the city is reminding that the rules laid out by the ordinance are for the safety of both the operators and other motorists.

Golf carts should be to the right side of the road and not impede the other traffic. The headlights and taillights should also be on at all times. It’s been noted that we’ve seen them going down the middle of the street and that’s not where they are supposed to be driving.

We just want people to realize when they are driving the golf cart that they do have to be aware of automobiles that are on the road because they are much bigger. They should really stay to the right side of the road as much as possible.”

Bradshaw says a golf cart or UTV owner who is found not abiding by the rules could be issued a citation or even have their city permit revoked.

The city is also reminding residents of recent changes made to the ordinance to have reciprocity with the Village of South Jacksonville, as well as changes to the permitting process in an effort to make things fairer for owners.

We are working with South Jacksonville and reciprocating our permits with their permits so that people can drive in South Jacksonville with a Jacksonville sticker, and vice versa.

Also, we’ve moved from the April through March time frame and moved it up to January through December so people can start using the new stickers at the beginning of the year in February and March when the weather says that they can get out and about.”

The city also now pro-rates the $100.00 permitting fee in an effort to be fairer to residents to obtain one later in the year. The cost of a permit in the City of Jacksonville is $100.00 from January through June, and then beginning July 1st, the cost is reduced by half to $50.00 for the remainder of the calendar year.

Bradshaw says if someone is needing to purchase a permit from the City of Jacksonville, then can take care of it in his office at the Jacksonville Municipal Building.

They would need to come to the City Clerk’s Office to fill out an application, and bring all the necessary paperwork in as far as insurance and drivers license, and then the inspection report on the vehicle to make sure that it is street-ready.”

Inspection reports can be obtained by contacting the Jacksonville Police Department. All vehicles that are issued a permit, must be checked to make sure all equipment is in proper working order.