City’s Water Service highlighted discussion at city council meeting

By Gary Scott on August 29, 2017 at 7:12am

A number of resolutions, as well as the city’s water service were the topic of discussion at last night’s city council meeting.

Jacksonville aldermen heard from residents of Country Club Road during last night’s workshop session prior to the city council meeting. A handful of homeowners approached the council to request that the city’s water be extended to connect to their homes on Country Club Road.

These homes currently get their water from wells, as they are located just out of the city’s water services. However, residents are seeking water service from the city after recent water tests revealed elevated levels of E. coli and lead.

City Attorney Dan Beard explains the circumstances of the water service situation, and where things will go from here.

“There were some residents on the far east end of Country Club Road that approached the council. They have some issues with water in their wells, and are asking for assistance from the city council as far as perhaps getting the construction of a new water line. The matter has been referred to the Utility Committee and then to the council as a whole. We’ll try to get some information as far as water tests and historic issues there, as well as whatever options may be available to perhaps assist them in getting a better water supply there,” says Beard.

Mayor Andy Ezard said last night that this request has been made several years ago, prior to his run as mayor, but was denied due to what it would cost the city. Ezard also said last night that he believes the cost of extending the city’s water service to these homes would be around $231,000.

Also at last night’s meeting, aldermen approved a resolution to amend the city’s liquor ordinance. Beard breaks down what this change means for the city.

“We had a convenient store at the corner of Morton and South Westgate that is closed. They had a liquor license for packaged liquor, so that’s been surrendered and in that case we removed that license from the books. At the same time, there’s a restaurant going in further out on West Morton that did desire a restaurant license for liquor and that has been approved,” says Beard.

The city council also accepted proposals for the demolition of structures located at 673 South Fayette, 502 South Prairie and 840 North Main.

In addition to the action previously mentioned, Jacksonville aldermen also passed a resolution to accept a proposal for the maintenance of Municipal Parking Lots.