Commissioner meeting recap: New regional superintendent, bid selected for jail roof project

By Gary Scott on June 8, 2015 at 2:03pm

Morgan County Commissioners threw their support behind one of two candidates for a regional superintendent position this morning.

Debbie Niederhauser submitted her retirement on May 12th to the Adams County Board. Two candidates- Jill Reis and Carrie Martin- are vying for the Regional Office District One spot.

Morgan County, along with Scott, Brown and Cass Counties, will become part of that district next month after a decision by the Illinois State Board of Education in November 2013.

With Commissioner Bill Meier absent, commissioners Brad Zeller and Ginny Fanning voted to support Jill Reis’ candidacy. The vote is weighted, with Morgan County having the second-most influential vote decided by voting population. Adams County, whose board votes tomorrow, has the highest weight.

Fanning explains why she supports Reis.

“She has assured us that we will be able to keep an office here in Morgan County. We feel that’s very important for all of our school districts so that they have easy access, rather than having to go all the way to Quincy.  And we already have a rapport with all of those school districts here in this office,” says Fanning.

Jeff Stephens, the local regional superintendent, says it’ll be “wait and see” if he remains with the new office. He says he did not express interest in the regional superintendent position; Stephens did not run against Niederhauser last year.

Also this morning, Morgan County commissioners announced Designed Roofing as the successful bidder for the Morgan County Jail roof replacement project, with a bid of $394,000.

Commissioner chairman Brad Zeller explains that the Springfield company was not the lowest- that was Joiner Sheet Metal of Greenfield- but that Joiner left out a $30,000 item in its original bid, and revised it.

“Which left them still significantly lower than the next lowest bid, but the county board, through conversation with the architect and the sheriff, felt that it would ruin the integrity of the process by us using that bid since they were allowed to amend, so to speak,” says Zeller.

“We felt that was not fair to the other bidders that had done more diligence and completed their bidding packet 100-percent correct.”

There were a total of five bidders. Bids were opened on May 26th.