Community Park sign will be taken down soon

By Gary Scott on December 19, 2015 at 9:01am

After a delay of several months, city officials will remove the “Welcome” sign in Jacksonville’s Community Park.

Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard says Director of Community Development and Recreational Facilities Kelly Hall proposed to take the sign down in October, but Alderman Steve Warmowski telephoned Ezard and asked that the take-down be delayed until the sign’s historical significance was evaluated.

Ezard says Hall took the matter to the city’s Historic Preservation Committee.

“They discussed it and looked into it, and they felt that there was no historical significance in regards to the sign that was placed there in the 80s. However, if the letters could be re-used someday, if they’re not in bad shape, we will hold on those letters, and if there’s a re-purpose for those letters someday, then we’ll look into that,” says Ezard.

“But as far as the structure of the sign, it was determined that there was no historical significance, and it can’t be seen from Morton Avenue or South Main anymore because of the Ferris wheel being in front of it. So, we’re taking it down,” he adds.

Ezard says the sign will be taken down sometime in the next month.