Congressional candidate pays Jacksonville college a visit

By Gary Scott on September 8, 2015 at 7:28am

Several days ahead of a special election to replace Aaron Schock in the 18th Congressional District, Democratic candidate Rob Mellon was in Jacksonville Monday night.

Mellon spoke to students, faculty and community members at Illinois College in an event put on by the Illinois College Democrats group.

Mellon has said on his campaign website that he wants to ensure all Americans have an opportunity to rise above their current circumstances to accomplish their individual dreams, and last night he told the audience about the need for “shared prosperity”.

Freeman Fulwyley was one of the students in attendance. He offers his thoughts.

“I feel like they need to take more initiative and work some things up, because not all of us are very financially stable, and I feel like they need to maybe get some more grants in, maybe some more scholarships,” says Fulwyley.

“There are a lot of very well-off people; if I’m not mistaken, there are, like, 498 billionaires, and there’s, like, 16 million homeless people or low-income people. So, I mean, share the wealth.”

Reporter: “So, you’d like to see the person elected do more to represent the 99 percent?

Fulwyley: “Yeah, exactly.”

Another student, Kenneth Jones, says he’s still learning about politics.

“I never was taught about it, my family didn’t talk about it. To me, this is my introduction on politics, since I’m now getting out on my own, 21 years old. It’s making a difference to me where I gotta figure out who exactly is for the people. reaffirming what I believe in, the morals of what we should be standing for,” Jones says.

Mellon is running against Republican Darin LaHood in the special election on Thursday. Mellon is scheduled to appear tomorrow on WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind?” program at 10:30.