Congressman Rodney Davis discusses federal relief efforts in wake of Hurricane Harvey

By Gary Scott on August 28, 2017 at 10:40am

Dominating the majority of national news cycles over the weekend was the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey on the Texas gulf coast.

With thousands of people displaced or still in harm’s way, many are looking to Washington D.C. for answers as to how the federal government will respond to the disaster.

Speaking of Washington D.C., Rodney Davis, a Republican member of the U.S. House representing Illinois’ 13th District Congressional District joined WLDS’ AM Conversation today to discuss a number of topics.

In terms of the relief effort for Hurricane Harvey, Davis says while the U.S. government had prepositioned resources for the storm, there are still a number of issues facing the Houston area.

“The problem you have with government resources and personnel is during the storm, it’s pretty tough to get those resources on the ground to those who need it the most, because in many cases, they can’t get in there. So, with the President talking about going there tomorrow, I’m optimistic that our federal officials, state officials and local officials in Texas will be able to get what they need in supplies from all those who can give it. But as this moves forward, I’m sure we’ll be talking about a disaster relief bill, and I look forward to that discussion and that debate,” says Davis.

As for what Illinoisans can do to help the cause, Davis says there are two organizations to reach out to.

“I would tell everyone to go help the Red Cross, go help the Salvation Army, those organizations are always out there in times of distress and disaster and we know that money is going directly to those that need it the most. They’re going to get the food that they need, because they don’t have any food in their flooded homes.They’re going to get the shelter that they need, because they can’t go back to that house that’s under water. Those two organizations I know are already out there, on the ground, and I’m sure there are many other organizations, but I know those two for sure,” says Davis.

Congressman Davis also shared his thoughts on the announcement last week pertaining to U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, as well as a potential rift between President Trump and senior U.S. Senator, Republican Mitch McConnell. Listen to our full interview with Congressman Davis by clicking the ‘Newscasts’ tab at the top of this website.