Construction underway for Routt/Our Saviour softball field

By Ryne Turke on November 21, 2015 at 6:04am

A pair of Jacksonville schools are teaming up with the Bob Freesen YMCA to construct a new softball field.

For the last several years, Routt High School and Our Saviour Junior High have played their softball games at the YMCA men’s softball fields, MacMurray College and the Jacksonville Area Baseball fields.

Jamie Martin, softball coach for Routt and Our Saviour, says talks of constructing a new field started in May, due to the fact that the men’s softball field is twice the size of a normal girls’ softball field.

“It was brought up that the YMCA wasn’t using the small field when you pulled in. We talked to the YMCA and Jared Maggart who said they would consider renovating that field,” says Martin.

“We are basically going to have a nice scoreboard, fencing, dugouts and dirt and grass. We are going to have a taller fence in right field for a big monster effect.”

Martin says the majority of the work done so far has been through volunteers. Martin is optimistic that the fields will be completed midway through the Routt softball season.