Corn harvest continues to improve

By Ryne Turke on September 22, 2015 at 12:38pm

Corn harvest picked up throughout most of Illinois this past week.

The state averaged over five days suitable for fieldwork, as precipitation and temperatures rose. The average temperature for the week was around 68 degrees. The state average was almost three degrees higher.

Rainfall totals varied throughout the state. The average precipitation came to 1.23 inches, even though the local district only reported 0.35 inches. The local district’s total was down nearly half an inch from normal.

USDA crop statistician Mark Schleusener has the latest numbers on the corn and soybean crops.

“Corn harvest moved up seven points to 13 percent complete. That is compared to five percent one year ago and 22 percent for the five year average. Seventy-eight percent of corn acres are mature. The condition of the corn crop declined slightly and is rated as 16 percent of acres in poor to very poor condition, 30 percent fair and 54 percent good to excellent,” says Schleusener.

“For soybeans, three percent of the crop is harvested, compared to four percent normally at this time. Fifty-four percent of acres are dropping leaves. The condition of the crop improved slightly to 17 percent poor to very poor condition, 29 percent fair and 54 percent good to excellent.”

Statistics show that 91 percent of corn is mature and 25 percent has been harvested in the local district. As for local soybeans, 77 percent is turning color, 42 percent have started dropping leaves and four percent is harvested.

Topsoil for the local district is 14 percent short, 80 percent adequate and four percent surplus. As for subsoil, 29 percent is short, 68 percent is adequate and two percent is surplus.