Crop conditions remain good despite high temperatures

By Gary Scott on July 26, 2016 at 1:00pm

Despite above-average temperatures last week, crops in West Central Illinois remained in good condition thanks to the rain.

In the West Southwest District, the average temperature of 81.5 degrees was nearly a degree-and-a-half higher than the statewide average and four degrees higher than the national average.

Topsoil moisture was four percent short, 88-percent adequate and seven-percent surplus, while subsoil moisture was six-percent short, 90-percent adequate and four-percent surplus. The West Southwest District experienced just 2.9 days suitable for fieldwork compared to 4.7 suitable days in the week prior.

Corn is silking at 90-percent locally as well as statewide, five-percent higher than a year ago. In the West Southwest District, 36-percent of corn crops are in the dough stage, twice the state average of 18-percent. Local soybean numbers are also above state averages, with 83-percent blooming and 39-percent setting pods.

The West Southwest District received 2.37 inches of precipitation last week compared to 2.06 inches throughout the state.