Crop conditions unchanged as local district sees less rainfall than most of the state

By Ryne Turke on August 23, 2016 at 1:08pm

While most of the state received above average rainfall last week, precipitation in West Central Illinois remained closer to normal.

The local district received 1.53 inches, a full inch above the statewide average of 2.55 inches.

Topsoil moisture in the West Southwest District was seven percent short, 84-precent adequate and nine percent surplus. Local subsoil moisture was seven percent short, 88 percent adequate and five percent surplus.

State crop statistician Mark Schluesener has the statewide figures for corn and soybeans.

“Corn has dented on 47-percent of acres, one percent of the crop is reported as mature. The condition of the corn crop is nearly unchanged from one week ago at three percent very poor-to-poor, 13 fair and 84-percent good-to-excellent. Two percent of soybean acres are turning color compared to three percent normally. The condition of the soybean crop was rated four percent very poor-to-poor, 17 fair and 79-percent good-to-excellent, nearly the same as one week ago,” says Schleusener.

In the West Southwest District, 96-percent of corn acres have reached the dough stage, 67-percent are dented and one percent has reached the mature stage. For local soybeans, 89-percent are setting pods and five percent are turning color.

The average temperature in the local district was 75.2 degrees, compared to the statewide average temperature of 74.6 degrees.