Date set next Wednesday for motions to be made in Heitbrink case

By Gary Scott on September 2, 2015 at 1:04pm

We’re inching closer to a trial for Robert Heitbrink, the Jacksonville man accused of a 2013 murder.

Heitbrink and his attorneys appeared in court for a pre-trial conference this morning, along with Special Prosecutor Charles Colburn, who is handling the case for the state.

Judge Chris Reif set a date of next Wednesday for motions to be heard. The state has not filed any, but Colburn explains the defense plans to file motions regarding jury selection. Colburn couldn’t go into more details this morning.

A final status hearing was set this morning for September 25th. Another pre-trial date is set for October 7th, and the trial date is scheduled for October 13th.

Heitbrink is accused of stabbing his father-in-law, William McElhaney to death in the garage of Heitbrink’s home in July 2013. He’s also facing a wrongful death lawsuit from McElhaney’s wife, Connie.