Davidsmeyer refuses health benefits during budget battle

By Ryne Turke on September 2, 2015 at 1:02pm

Jacksonville’s State Representative is among nearly one-fifth of the Illinois General Assembly refusing to accept health insurance benefits.

Illinois taxpayers were responsible for spending $1.23 million last year on health insurance benefits for members of the General Assembly.

As Illinois continues to come to terms on a budget compromise, Representative C.D. Davisdmeyer says the argument for pension and health care benefits go contrary to his position being a part time job.

“While I spend a lot of time doing it, this is technically a part time job. I would argue it should be more part time. It seems like the longer we spend in Springfield, the more problems we actually cause,” says Davidsmeyer.

Davidsmeyer believes other members of the General Assembly should follow in his footsteps.

“To often people leave their career altogether to come to be a politician. The greater the benefits, the more problems we have with people just trying to sick around, as opposed to trying to do what is right,” says Davidsmeyer.

Davidsmeyer says the money saved is a small amount in the grand scheme of the budget but…

“We’ve watched health care costs rise over the past five years. This is an opportunity to say this is and could be a substantial savings in the future, if more people decide not to accept it,” says Davidsmeyer.

WLDS/WEAI News reached out to State Senator Sam McCann for comment, but he was unavailable.