Davis, LaHood split on new spending bill

By Benjamin Cox on March 29, 2018 at 9:46am

The Federal Government continues to operate for another day. Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill to supply enough money for the fiscal year, which ends on September 30th. The spending bill passed by a vote of 256-167.

Representative Rodney Davis voted in favor of the bill and he explains why they had to approve it and the importance of the bill.

“It was something we should have done at the beginning of this process. Rather than having to do this partly through the funding year. We passed all of our propitiation bills over the senate months ago and they didn’t act on them so we were forced to this bill. It’s not the best process but it was the one we would could do to avoid a government shut down. Keep in mind, this bill only covers about 31% of the federal government spending, the rest is on autopilot.” said Davis.

Representative Davis couldn’t agree with Representative Darin LaHood as the Republican from Peoria voted against the bill.

Davis says that’s his opinion but the two parties need to work together.

“It just goes to show you we are all individuals and I was working on my leadership team on addressing the issues for my district. House leadership and senate leadership has been working with the administration on setting the priorities with this bill and I’m glad that the president sign it.”  Davis said.

The spending bill will help fund ways to fight opioids, provide grants for school safety, increase funds for the National Institute of Health and it provides a 2.4% raise for military troops. Davis talks about what he likes most from the bill.

“Well I like a lot of the issues we funded, it increased funding for research National Institute of Health, it fixes a potential glitch where grain handlers and grain elevators in Central Illinois. But my most favorite part about this bill is we prioritize in our budget and investing more in our military and while ensuring invest less in less necessities when it comes to government spending and programs in other parts of the budget. Our military has been short changed and has been for years. You have seen the impact on the readiness and safety of our soldiers and sailors. We have to do a better job at those who protect us.” said Davis.

Representative Davis says “large bills like this should not be the way we fund out government or pass critical legislation.”

The spending bill will allow the government to operate at least until September 30th.