Davis not happy about Orlando shooting 911 transcript decision

By Gary Scott on June 23, 2016 at 1:14pm

West Central Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis is still seeing red over the Obama Administration’s handling of 911 transcripts from the Orlando mass shooting that left 49 dead.

The Greene County Republican says omitting information about the shooter’s motives did not make America safer….

“Just an attempt at political correctness, and I think it was wrong, and I’m glad that they reconsidered after a lot of pressure from folks like me and many others in Washington, and many throughout this country,” Davis says.

“But, they shouldn’t have done it in the first place, and I think it shows that we need more transparency in government. We need to make sure that people know what the true motive of killers like Omar Mateen are, and in this case, it was clearly radical Islamic terrorism,” he adds.

Davis says transparency in such cases means sharing everything.

“This is a terror attack. That’s going to be something that transcends traditional FOIA requests, and if they’re going to release voluntarily the transcript of that 911 call, they should release everything, and frankly, what they redacted were the references to radical Islamic terror, and I think that was their attempt at political correctness,” says Davis.

“They’re putting political correctness above the root cause of this attack, and I think it’s wrong, and I think it’s a reason why this administration is failing at addressing homegrown terror like Mr. Mateen.”
Davis says the initial effort to redact part of the 911 calls referring to radical Islam shows the White House is out of touch when it comes to battling homegrown terror.

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