Davis, Schock win re-election

By Gary Scott on November 5, 2014 at 1:14pm

Davis (left), Schock (right)

In the Congressional races, West Central Illinois’ representatives are keeping their jobs.

Republican Congressman Aaron Schock easily defeated Democrat Darrel Miller 182,696 votes to 86,126 in the 18th District, which includes Morgan, Cass and Scott Counties. Schock wins his third consecutive term.

Speaking before the election, Schock classified Democrats in Illinois and across the nation as “nervous” as he stumped for the eventual, unofficial gubernatorial winner Bruce Rauner.

“They’re realizing the very voters that election cycle after election cycle [that] they’ve taken for granted are finaly starting to see that the liberal Democratic ways don’t exactly deliver the results they were promised,” said Schock.

In the 13th District, which includes Greene County, Rodney Davis’s margin was not as wide, but he still knocked down Ann Callis, 122,661 votes to 75,318. Davis will serve his second term.

Davis says Democrats spent loads of money to unseat him, but voters saw through the scheme.

“We were actually outspent by Nancy Pelosi’s organizations, but it was an opportunity for me to talk about where we work together, where we’ve actually governed,” Davis says. “The folks in the 13th District that I’m so blessed enough to represent, they spoke.”

In total, there were 18 Congressional races in Illinois yesterday. Ten races went to Democrats, while eight went to Republicans.