December Weather Story

By Gary Scott on January 5, 2021 at 11:41am

The biggest thing that jumps from the weather page from last month is the lack of snow.

The only snow of the month was the dusting of snow on Christmas Eve. Beyond that, the number was 0 inches.

     Normal snowfall for December is 4 inches. And, the chance for the White Christmas here, was less than 30 percent. So, no surprise there.

     Precipitation was also lacking. We hit at 81-hundredths inches. That’s about an inch and 2 tenths less than normal.

     Normal Precipitation for the year is around 36 and 3 quarters inches. Precipitation last year hit just over that 36 and 88 hundredths inches.

     Jacksonville was well ahead through July. But precipitation fell short of the average in August, October, November and last month.

     The average temperature last month hit just over 33 degrees. That’s about 2 degrees above normal.

     The mercury reached 50 of better nine times, and 60 or better twice. Jacksonville was in single digits, just once, 7 on the 25th. The warmest temperature was 67 on the 10th. None of the highs were record highs.

     WLDS-WEAI is a reporting station for the National Weather Service.