District 117 discusses changes to Turner Jr. High colors and mascot

By Ryne Turke on August 19, 2015 at 11:13pm

What if Turner Junior High changed the school colors and mascot to match Jacksonville High School?

That concept was introduced during Wednesday’s District 117 school board meeting. Superintendent Steve Ptacek says he was approached with the idea by members of the community looking for some consistency between the two schools.

Ptacek informed board members that this is a legitimate proposition that should be looked into.

“Enough people have brought that up that I feel we need a community discussion and survey to find out what the interest of the community is,” says Ptacek.

“People in sixth, seventh and eighth grade at the building could purchase Crimson wear and be able to wear it to sporting events at both facilities. We are in that process of going through designing the color schemes for the school. If there were a change, now would be the time.”

Ptacek plans on promoting the idea on social media to gather opinions from the public.

An upcoming date for the Vision 117 process, which includes the renovation of Turner Junior High and Lincoln Elementary, was announced on Wednesday.  Ptacek gives the latest update.

“We’re meeting on August 31st with BLDD and Holland for the complete day to talk about interior design and the planning of their construction process,” says Ptacek.

“They are going to be doing that construction process with students inside the building, so that will be challenging. They are going to release some of their thoughts on the 31st.”

As for action items, board members approved Murrayville-Woodson’s school wide plan for Title One eligibility. Ptacek explains how this will benefit District 117 and specifically Murrayville-Woodson.

“The demographics of the school entitle us to apply for a school wide Title One program, which will allow us to use our title funds for all students attending school, not just for targeted groups,” says Ptacek.

“That will allow us to have interventionists and support systems. We will base our supports on academic data, not demographic data.”

Eisenhower and South Elementary are the only schools in the district without Title One status.