District 117 District-Wide Boundary Committee to host meeting tonight

By Gary Scott on July 12, 2017 at 6:53am

The Jacksonville School District 117 Committee on the District Wide Boundary Process will have a committee of the whole meeting tonight.

Last week the main point of discussion was a “layered” approach for South Elementary.
This week, South Elementary will once again be the starting point for the Committee, but this time they will take a “block” approach to filling out South’s boundary and work its way around the rest of the district from there.

This will all come as part of the “Work Session” portion of the meeting.

The committee will welcome visitors, petitions, and communications from the public near the end of the meeting as well.

At last week’ s meeting, Superintendent Steve Ptacek said that the committee would likely schedule an additional meeting to discuss socioeconomic issues in addition to what they are already discussing in the current committee of the whole meetings.

The next regular board meeting for District 117 will be August 16th.