‘Dosh bridge project moving along

By Gary Scott on April 27, 2016 at 1:56pm

Recent photo of bridge construction from Halverson Construction website.

Construction on the new Route 104 bridge in Meredosia is about one-fifth complete.

That’s according to Ron Archambeau, District 6 Construction Engineer for the Illinois Department of Transportation. He says progress is slightly behind schedule due to the heavy rains that occurred last year, and the resulting high river elevations.

“We fell a bit behind on earth work and now we are hoping for dry weather so we can catch up on some of the earthwork and embankment on the west side of the river,” says Archambeau.

Archambeau explains what’s currently being worked on for the project.

“We’re currently working on storm sewers in Meredosia and major river substructure units. We are working on the roof embankment on the west side of the river. Hopefully the weather will be dry and we will be out there all year.  You will be able to see the new river structures start to take shape,” says Archambeau.

He adds that construction crews are currently working on retaining walls where the future bridge will go on the Meredosia side of the new bridge.

It’s expected the new bridge will be finished by the fall of 2018.