Downed power lines, trees cause hours-long closure of Arenzville-Concord Road

By Gary Scott on May 11, 2017 at 8:46am

Arenzville-Concord Road was shut down for several hours last night as several power lines went down as a result of the thunderstorm.

Crews with the Arenzville Fire Department were called out to the roadway at around 6 p.m. and remained there until past midnight.

Dave Bunfill with Arenzville Fire explains the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“A couple of our (firefighters) who were in their personal vehicles had witnessed some downed power lines, vehicles in the ditches. The damage was along a path that was south of Triopia school extending towards Concord. When we got there on scene, there were some cars in the ditch and some bystanders were helping getting them out of the way. From what we could tell, there was a path where maybe some straight-line winds had gone through that area and knocked down probably about three or four power lines. There was some tree damage as well and one of the houses that was in that path sustained some damage to some of the sheds there, and there was also a tree that had fallen on a personal vehicle that was owned by the home owner,” says Bunfill.

Bunfill says he does not believe there were any injuries, but that there was also damage in the village of Concord as well.

“There were no personal injuries to my knowledge, just mainly property damage. There was also some other damage in Concord itself, there were a couple of power lines that were down in the village of Concord and then extending on east out into the county area as well too, there were some downed power lines along Baseline Road and Poor Farm Road as well,” Bunfill explains.

Also responding were crews from Chapin Fire. WLDS-WEAI News will provide any updates as they become available.