Dr. Ron Hanson to host several agriculture seminars in West Central Illinois

By Benjamin Cox on February 9, 2018 at 3:17pm

Agriculture has always been an important part of Central Illinois. Dr. Ron Hanson, an Agra-business Professor Emeritus at the University of Nebraska, joined our WLDS “What’s on your mind” recently talk to about his upcoming agriculture seminar series. These seminars will take place throughout West Central Illinois and are made possible by CNB Bank and Trust.

“The purpose of the seminar program, that’s being sponsored by CNB Bank and Trust, is Farm, Family, Ownership succession planing.How do you take a family farm and pass it onto the next generation and still be family.  How do you avoid the potential conflicts and misunderstanding. The key point is how do we keep the farm in the family and the family members on the farm for future generations so that family farming legacy continues into the future.” said Dr. Hanson.

The upcoming seminars are for the “what if” kind of people. Dr. Hanson will break down all the different possibilities someone could face when taking over a farm. Dr. Hanson explains how this seminar series is possible.

“I was at a meeting two years ago in Springfield and spoke at a conference and one of the bank directors was at the meeting and heard my presentation and made the contact with me, in terms of me coming back to Central Illinois and sharing my program with farm customers and farm families in the banking community.” Dr. Hanson said.

Dr. Hanson talks about the upcoming seminar schedule.

“There’s a evening seminar on Monday, February 12th in Carlinville. On Tuesday, there’s a morning seminar in Pittsfield and an evening dinner seminar in Jerseyville. It’s strictly complimentary on behalf of the bank. You need to contact CNB Bank and Trust in order to make the reservation.” said Dr. Hanson

If you would like to attend one of the seminars you can contact CNB Bank and Trust at 217-854-4215.