Drain leak along Morton being handled by City of Jax

By Ryne Turke on April 18, 2016 at 1:01pm

The City of Jacksonville is stepping in to take care of a water line leak that has been plaguing a section of West Morton Avenue.

Jack Cosner, Superintendent of Operations, tells WLDS-WEAI News that water has been pumping out of a commercial line, belonging to the Smoke Shop business near the intersection with Lincoln Avenue, for the better part of April.

Cosner notes service leaks around town are common, but plumbers “typically get to them quicker than this.”

“They are on the third plumber that has promised to get it fixed. We called the latest plumber this morning and he put it off until tomorrow. My crew is going there today to fix it. The last resort is the city would go in and fix it then bill the shop owner,” says Cosner.

Cosner says the situation has been a mess.

“This doesn’t happen often, but this is the worst one we have had. The plumbers kept putting it off and then they keep promising it will be the next day. It just wasn’t getting fixed. Now it has gotten to the point where we go in and fix it,” says Cosner.

Cosner says the repairs will be completed by the end of Monday.