Dredging project finishes up

By Gary Scott on November 6, 2014 at 6:48am

File photo of dredge site before the project began.

Dredging at Jacksonville’s Lake Mauvisterre is now complete.

The project began after city council approved the project last fall in order to increase water quality and capacity for the city’s backup water source. Our reporting partners at WICS ABC Newschannel 20 caught up with Utility Superintendent Jack Cosner yesterday.

“We’re working with the land owners to put in waterways and dry dams to help mitigate the silt that’s coming into the lake, so we’re going to continue to do that over the next two to three years, and we’re going to continue to do that as funds are available,” he says.

City leaders hope the dredging will increase the capacity of the lake by 111 million gallons. In total, Benton and Associates officials say 550-thousand cubic yards of silt should have been removed from the lake and deposited into a recently-constructed sediment basin.