Duvendack reaches out to drivers during Farm Safety Week

By Ryne Turke on September 24, 2016 at 9:49am

Here’s a friendly reminder to drive with caution on country roads as harvest season is in full swing.

With this being farm safety week, Morgan County Sheriff Randy Duvendack says large, slow moving farm equipment will be more prevalent on the roadways.

Duvendack says drivers should make a habit of slowing down, looking twice at intersections and staying on the right side of the road as much as possible.

“You don’t want to be impatient and try to pass a farm implement that is impossible to see around. Sometimes you will see farmers pull to the side and let you around, if they can see you. There may just not be an opportunity for them to do that,” says Duvendack.

Duvendack says tractors and combines will occasionally be seen moving along city streets.

“At this point they will be working a lot of hours. You will see equipment moving early and in the evening hours. This equipment is so big now, with the combines, tractors and wagons. Everybody has to be cautious and hopefully nobody will get hurt.”

In the past, Morgan County has taken reports of vehicles hitting combines. Duvendack recalls a tractor-vehicle accident a few years ago in Meredosia.

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