Effort underway to save “deteriorated” Carrollton track

By Ryne Turke on September 10, 2016 at 8:47am

An effort is underway to update and repair the only all-weather track in Greene County.

Gordon Rahe, who’s had four kids compete at the Carrollton High School track and volunteers his time working various meets, was put in charge of the effort to save the Carrollton track a few months ago.

Rahe says the project is worth the money, because the entire Greene County community continuously uses the track for walking and recreational purposes.

“The total is going to cost about $130,000 with the one-percent tax we passed last year. That goes to building and grounds and that will pay for half of it. We need to raise the other half and that is around $65,000. Right now we are at a little over $20,000 that has been collected and pledged so far.”

“Deterioration” and “unsafe” were some of the words Rahe used to describe the condition of the track, which is still being used for junior high and high school meets.

“Whenever we have had a track meet the past year or two we haven’t been able to use lane one. We put them in two through six. All the area schools within 60 miles come here. The conference meet is at ISD or Illinois College. Part of that reason I think is because they are newer and our track was put here in 1998. As far as I know it has only been repainted and never resurfaced.”

Rahe adds there are several major cracks on the west end that need cut out and re-poured.

A new track and field ruling requires an additional four feet of padding on both sides of the pole vault area. Rahe says this will force the long jump and pole vault approaches to be moved to the north side of the track.

Rahe hopes to see the project completed in the spring before the track season starts in April. Several fundraisers, including trivia nights and dine-out for track events at local restaurants, are being scheduled.