Elderly couple found dead; reportedly died of hypothermia

By Gary Scott on February 17, 2015 at 6:47am

Hypothermia appears to have been the cause of death for two elderly Morgan County residents over the weekend.

Morgan County Coroner Jeff Lair says 92-year-old Raymond Van Winkle and 82-year-old Doloras Van Winkle were found near a shed on the couple’s property in the rural part of the county near Greene County. Lair says the Van Winkles were pronounced dead at around 11:45 a-m Sunday.

Lair says it’s believed Doloras Van Winkle slipped and fell on the ice and snow that was on the ground outside the shed where her body was discovered and suffered several immobilizing fractures.

Investigators believe Raymond Van Winkle discovered his wife’s body, entered the shed, experienced a possible heart-related medical emergency and then also died from hypothermia.

Reports indicate the Van Winkles were last seen around noon Saturday, and were found by a relative around 10:30 a-m Sunday.