Fanning named Chairperson for Board of County Commissioners

By Gary Scott on December 12, 2016 at 12:08pm

Morgan County Commissioners appointed the first female chairperson in Ginny Fanning at this morning’s meeting.

Every three years, the Board of County Commissioners rotates positions between Chairman, Vice Chairman and Commissioner. At this morning’s brief meeting, Commissioner Fanning became the new chairperson, while Brad Zeller was named Vice Chairman.

Fanning says she hopes the board continues to operate as smoothly as they have over the past few years.

“I hope that we can continue the success we’ve built on over the last few years and continue to operate the county in a fiscally responsible manner. We are going to be looking at the new animal control shelter at the beginning of the year, we’ll see where that’s going to land as far as getting our proposals back of costs. We want to make sure that we can build that efficiently, so that’s probably the first thing that we’ll be looking at in the upcoming year,” says Fanning.

With Bill Meier stepping down from the position of chairman, Fanning reflects on the past year and discusses her aspirations for the future.

“Mr. Meier just completed his year as Chairman and it was a very successful year, we had a lot of retirements, we’ve some projects here that we’ve overseen and he has done an excellent job. We’ll hope to continue that path as we go forward,” says Fanning.

Other action at this morning’s meeting included the appointment of Jon Wilkerson to the Morgan County Board of Health and Jerrod Staake to the Willow Creek Drainage District.

Commissioners also approved support of the Illinois Transportation Legislative Initiative Resolution and the Annual State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor’s Office Resolution.

Fanning will serve as Chairperson for the Board of County Commissioners from now through the end of 2017.