Fanning sworn in as commissioner

By Gary Scott on August 13, 2014 at 1:03pm

A swearing-in ceremony was held for the newest Morgan County Commissioner this morning.

Ginny Fanning, the executive director of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, was sworn in as the replacement for the late Dick Rawlings. Fanning will serve until the November general election and will then run against Democratic candidate Bob Large for the four remaining years of the six-year term.

Following a meeting where a resolution was passed by commissioners Brad Zeller and Bill Meier, Fanning was sworn in by Circuit Judge Chris Reif at the Morgan County Courthouse.

Fanning describes the scene this morning.

“I was so very touched when I walked in the courthouse and saw so many friends and supporters here. It truly was overwhelming and thrilling, and bittersweet. As I mentioned, I still miss my good friend Dick Rawlings,” says Fanning.

“I have been down in the office on Monday to the meeting, realizing there’s a lot I need to learn, but I am ready to go and looking forward to the challenges, working with the department heads, seeing what we can do to make Morgan County better.”

Zeller says he and Meier look forward to working with Fanning. He believes she will have adequate time to be brought up to speed.

“The number one issue that we have is preparing the budget, and we have got a preliminary budget on file, so in the beginning months of September and October, it will be a very good time frame for her to come in and learn on the go, so to speak,” says Zeller.

“We do not have any labor negotiations going on, any of the demanding issues that confront our office are going to be past us for right now, and then it would just be the everyday goings on of the office: bills, payroll, things of that nature.”

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