Fanning wins commissioner seat

By Gary Scott on November 4, 2014 at 11:34pm

The first woman ever to be elected a Morgan County commissioner will get to keep her job.

Republican Ginny Fanning won over Democrat Bob Large 6,881 votes to 4,129. Fanning was selected to replace the late Dick Rawlings over the summer.

“Wow. I am so excited about this opportunity to serve the citizens of Morgan County, thankful for the support that I have received: family and friends, people I didn’t know that said ‘I voted for you,’” Fanning says.

“It has been overwhelming, it’s humbling, and it’s energizing, because I’m very, very excited about what we can do for Morgan County.”
Fanning says she has a list of things she hopes to accomplish based on her work in the last three months as interim commissioner. Among the goals she hopes is the re-organization of the Regional Planning Commission and a local Illinois Municipal League Conference.

Fanning says she’ll step down as executive director of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.

“They will get someone in there that I know will take what I’ve done after these past thirteen years to a whole new level,” she says. “I’m excited for the Chamber, too. I think fresh eyes and new ideas will be a real plus for what is ahead for the Chamber.”

It’s the second consecutive defeat for Large, who lost to Rawlings in the commissioner race in 2012.

In Greene County last night, three seats were chosen, with six candidates for the commissioner board. The winners were Joseph Nord, Michael Kiger and John Goode, who took 2,166, 2,496, and 2,114 votes, respectively.