Fire Safety Tips for The Warm Weekend

By Benjamin Cox on February 17, 2017 at 12:23pm

Temperatures in West Central Illinois this weekend feel more like late spring than the middle of February. We could see high’s in the 70’s and with the warm weather you may want to get out and do some yard work while. Scott Pahlmann, Chief of the Chapin Volunteer Fire Department has some tips if you decide to burn your lawn debris.

“You know make sure you comply with your city or village burning requirement. Also keep in mind, we are abnormally dry for this time of year, so if you are are allowed to burn, you are going to need to keep an extra close eye on it. Pike County has already put a burn ban in place. They have already had a 1,000 acre wild fire so far.”

The unseasonable weather may also have you firing up the BBQ grills for the first time this year. Chief Pahlmann says, when it comes to BBQ’s it should always be safety first.

“Make sure that it is away from the house that way you don’t have any heat radiating to the house, which can cause a potential fire. Also with propane, it is always safety first. Make sure before you light it, the lid on the grill is open. Make sure the burners and everything is clean ahead of time. If you are going with charcoal, with lighter fluid, more isn’t always better. You need just enough to get the charcoal going. If not then you run the potential for either burning yourself or someone near the grill.”

Chief Pahlmann says if there is an unwanted fire, don’t think that it is too small to call the fire department.

“Most Fire Departments would rather be called early and not needed than be called when it is too late. If you are out burning, and it gets out of hand, you think you might have it but just to be safe go ahead and make that call.”

Chief Pahlmann says to not get ahead of yourself. Prepare a way to put out the fire, whether it be with a fire extinguisher or a garden hose, before you light the first match.