Follow-up: are Blue Cross Jacksonville jobs here to stay?

By Gary Scott on May 14, 2015 at 4:40pm

There appear to be conflicting notions about what exactly is happening with 100 or so jobs at the Blue Cross Blue Shield office in Jacksonville.

Since our story Thursday morning aired regarding concerns about claims examiner jobs being outsourced- and the response from corporate offices in Chicago refuting the reports- WLDS-WEAI News has received several messages, including one from a current employee, insisting the rumors are true.

One person claiming to be a claims examiner said a meeting was held at the office last Friday for the employees by BCBS Jacksonville officials. During that meeting, the employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said the jobs would be “phased out” within 18-24 months, and the jobs would be sent to outside vendors.

The tipster said the employees were told they can explore other avenues in the company or should “look elsewhere”, and that a memo was also circulated with similar details.

We spoke to BCBS Illinois spokesman Michael Deering via telephone to address the claims. While he acknowledges the roughly two-year time frame, he insists that the transfer is for job duties, not the actual jobs.

“When the company discusses talking about transferring some of their routine claims processing or claims operation, I think that it’s human nature that one might jump to the conclusion that this is going to involve job loss, and that’s just factually not accurate at this time,” says Deering.

“The net impact of people’s jobs that’ll be affected has not been determined at all, and if people are saying that they were brought into a room and told “You 100 people are going to lose your jobs’, that’s a disservice to them, and it’s not accurate,” he adds.

Deering says Health Care Service, the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois, also operates the offices in four other states where this job responsibility transfer will take place.

We’ll air the full interview on “What’s On Your Mind?” on Friday morning.