Follow-up: Carrollton City Hall controversy?

By Gary Scott on May 7, 2015 at 12:48pm

It appears the next city council meeting in Carrollton could have some fireworks as the city clerk went from investigator to investigated.

Officials are explaining to WLDS-WEAI News what has happened in the months since City Clerk Ryan Scott went to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and reported that he had observed some “suspicious activity” at the Carrollton Police Department.

Sheriff Rob McMillen says that happened in March. Scott apparently indicated suspicions regarding money for fines being collected by Police Chief Kenny Kallal and other officers within the police department.

According to McMillen, Scott said he found several police department fine collections that didn’t show up on a treasurer’s report.

Later in March, McMillen indicates he met with Carrollton Mayor Pro-Tem Dewaine Freand, who brought a report from the city which indicated the “missing” money had been deposited.

It’s since been reported that Scott is under investigation, but it hasn’t been made clear by whom or what the investigation is about.

Greene County State’s Attorney Caleb Briscoe says he’s had a conversation with Kallal about the matter and has been contacted by an Illinois State Police trooper who apparently had information turned over to him.

Briscoe adds he’s also had a conversation with the Illinois Attorney General’s office, but that he was told that the office is “not likely to proceed” with the matter.

A message was left for Kallal this morning.

The next city council meeting is next Tuesday at 7:00.