Free Health Clinic hosted by Prairie Cardiovascular today

By Gary Scott on May 30, 2017 at 7:22am

Local residents can check on the health status of their heart, as well as several other health issues for free today.

Prairie Cardiovascular will be hosting a free Health Clinic today in celebration of the opening of their new Multi-Specialty clinic in Jacksonville.

Executive Vice President of Prairie Heart Institute Kristin Doster says her organization has been going to Jacksonville for several years, and is glad to finally have a permanent home here.

“Now we have a full-time location (in Jacksonville), so we’ll be serving cardiology patients, both heart and vascular patients, three times a week. Then our partners with the HSHS medical group, they’re going to be bringing their neurosciences department, so a neurologist will be seeing patients one day a week in tht facility as well. So in terms of being able to provide both comprehensive care for both heart disease and neurological disease, that’ll be the multi-specialty focus of that clinic. So when we think of cardiovascular risks, as well as stroke risks, that’ll be a really comprehensive facility for the people of Jacksonville,” says Doster.

While heart disease is a national issue, Doster explains that Jacksonville is no different when it comes to the risks of cardiovascular health.

“Typically, we see hundreds of patients monthly from the Jacksonville community, and being able to offer these services within Jacksonville is fantastic for us because being able to keep, whether it’s the visit or some of the diagnostic testing local where they don’t have to leave Jacksonville to see the specialist I think is phenomenal,” explains Doster.

Doster breaks down all the services that will be provided at today’s health fair.

“We’ll have cardiologists, specialists from Joseline Diabetes Center, as well as some of our staff nurses there. We’ll also being doing height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol screening, blood sugar testings, so a lot of really good baseline information to kind of do that risk assessment for patients to know your risk for heart disease,” Doster explains.

The Prairie Cardiovascular free health clinic takes place this morning at 1515 West Walnut, Building 9. A blessing will be presented at 11:15 and the Health Fair will start at 11:30.Doster says her staff will stick around until at least 3:30, perhaps later, to answer any questions.