FutureGen moving along

By Gary Scott on October 11, 2014 at 11:05am

Ahead of a Citizens Advisory Committee later this month, officials says the FutureGen project is making progress.

That’s according to Terry Dennison, the president of the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation. He appeared on Thursday’s edition of WLDS’ “AM Conversation.”

FutureGen wants to liquefy carbon dioxide at a retrofitted Ameren power plant in Meredosia and store it at a site over 4,000 feet underground in northeastern Morgan County through a pipeline.

Dennison talks about the latest developments.

“If you drive up to the former Ameren power plant in Meredosia, there is activity going on and there are construction workers working,” says Dennison.

“I’ve been told that very soon there will be another injection site drilled out at the injection site. The roads will be upgraded, widened and improved for all the heavy equipment that will be going out there.”

Dennison notes that whether the billion-dollar project will happen ultimately comes down to the Department of Energy in Washington.

“The money is set aside, but of course they have to release that money and they have not made that decision yet,” says Dennison.

“That is really just holding everything back because that is the Federal Grant Program.
They’ve got it all lined up but the private lenders of course aren’t going to
pull the trigger until they know the Public Grant money is available.”

Dennison says the money has to be spent by the end of 2015.

FutureGen officials say the next Citizens Advisory Board meeting will be held October 21st. It is not open to the public.