Gill murder trial could see further delay, defense files for expert witness psychiatrist

By Gary Scott on June 30, 2017 at 9:18am

The murder trial of Robert Gill could see yet another setback following yesterday’s phone conference.

Originally set for August 7th, the trial could get pushed back to October if Judge April Troemper grants a continuance filed earlier this week by Gill’s Defense Attorney Scott Hanken.

Yesterday’s phone conference was to discuss the possibility of a continuance and to confirm dates for a potential expert witness. Following the teleconference, it appears that the defense team’s expert witness would be a psychiatrist. The continuance filed earlier this week would be to allow time for said psychiatrist, who has yet to see Gill, to evaluate the defendant’s mental health.

The now 63-year old Gill has pleaded not guilty to the 2015 murder of his former son-in-law Andrew Maul, and to the aggravated arson charge, in which he is accused of burning down the home of Debbie Bartz, Maul’s mother, the same night of the shooting.

A July 21st hearing at 2 p.m. will determine whether or not the psychiatrist will be permitted to testify.