Girls in White Satin looking to rebuild after weekend crash

By Ryne Turke on January 26, 2016 at 1:01pm

Girls in White Satin is in “fairly decent” shape after a minivan drove through the downtown Jacksonville business last week.

That’s the word from Owner Becky Baumgart, who says contractors will be surveying the damage this week while the business remains in a “soft open” status.

“They have everything all boarded up and taped off with plastic to give us a temporary wall. We are not sure once they start work if we will stay open. The area that was damaged was our front office area where our cash register is,” she says.

Baumgart talks about the damages the business suffered.

“The vehicle went through our outer wall, then our inner wall and ended up in our bathroom. None of the merchandise was damaged at all. All of our customer gowns were in the back. None of our dress on the sales floor were damaged either because of the area the vehicle hit.”

Girls in White Satin will be contacting customers this week to reschedule appointments that were canceled over the week.