Gladstone Street bridge closed to auto traffic for good

By Gary Scott on May 17, 2016 at 7:08am

File photo.

A Jacksonville bridge is closed permanently because, according to the city’s street superintendent, of years of deterioration.

Les Ballinger tells WLDS-WEAI News the bridge on Gladstone was recently closed by the Illinois Department of Transportation, which inspects it twice a year. Gladstone connects Morton and Hoagland just north of the west side of the Lincoln Square shopping center.

The bridge was determined to have “substantial deficiencies” in 2014 and was downgraded from a 17-ton weight limit to a three-ton limit. The pony-tress bridge was built in 1935.

Ballinger says he’s not sure how much it would cost to restore the bridge, but estimates it would be in the millions.

At this time, the city is allowing for pedestrian traffic to cross the bridge.