Godfrey Park renovations postponed, potential new tornado siren and other topics to be discussed on June 21st

By Benjamin Cox on June 13, 2018 at 9:19am

A special board of Trustees meeting for the village of South Jacksonville was held last night concerning financing to clarify and approve the Fiscal Year 2019 budget.

Trustee Stacy Pinkerton called for the additional meeting during the last regular Board of Trustees meeting on the 7th, scheduled for the first Thursday of every month.

Pinkerton, as the chair of the Board’s Parks and Tourism Committee, wanted the opportunity for the Board to analyze in detail the different aspects of renovations and improvements to Godfrey Park which she has researched.

Trustee Dick Samples, as head of Finance committee, also wanted explanation in terms of village-issued credit cards.

Pinkerton goes some of the major improvements which the Parks and Tourism Committee has determined are necessary.

“The sign when you first come in needs to be replaced. There’s landscaping and removal of tree stumps, and then they’re going to take down the pear tree. The pine trees would likely be removed and replaced with an awning on the adjacent building to provide more shade. We’re going to replace the fence with a nice, black, low-maintenance fence. And the bathrooms are going to be completely refurbished. Paint stripped and everything repainted, and brand new plumbing which has been needed for a long time.”

According to Pinkerton, because of the choice made by the Board to seek bids for all of the proposed renovations, Godfrey Park will not close today as previously scheduled.

“Godfrey Park will not close today. Once we’ve got the bids and we’re settled with what we’ve got, we go with the lowest bid and then the park will close so work can get started. Once all the bids are accepted, we are telling contractors that they need to be done in two weeks because it’s still very hot out and kids need a place to cool off.”

Village President Harry Jennings discusses the credit cards and the village’s policy.

“All of the full time department heads received one, and it’s for emergency use as a last resort. No personal items can be bought on the card and then the village is reimbursed – No. Village items only. Also, all purchases on village credit cards must be approved by Village Treasurer Tiffanee Peters.”

Jennings also speaks about a change the board is hoping to make at a meeting soon.

“We’re hoping to put up an additional tornado weather siren on the south edge of town, and we just have to select where we want to put it. We have received the bid for the project, and we’ve set aside the money in the budget. Now we just have to decide where we want it, the height of the pole, etc. We have a few options, and we want to make sure that the hotels are covered and the new truck stop – the new development south of town. We’re getting on the edge of our current siren coverage.”

The meeting in which this will be discussed is a Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled for Thursday the 21st to begin at 5:30. The board will continue the codification process. Afterwards, they will discuss the siren and other topics, including appropriations.