Golf carts, Hardin Ave addressed by South Jax trustees

By Ryne Turke on April 29, 2016 at 6:43am

Fees and regulations for golf carts in South Jacksonville could end up mirroring the ones recently approved by the City of Jacksonville.

Under a proposal from village trustees shared during two committee meetings last night, individuals living in South Jacksonville would buy a permit from the village and Jacksonville residents would buy their permit from the city. Attorneys from both parties plan on creating guidelines for a permit that allows drivers to drive back and forth in Jacksonville and South Jacksonville.

Trustees agreed the ordinance is still at least a month away from approval.

In other action last night at Village Hall, trustees took the first steps towards addressing safety issues along Hardin Avenue.

South Jacksonville resident Kim Rawe asked trustees to consider adding weight restrictions, additional stop signs or sidewalks. Rawe informed trustees that nearly every resident on Hardin Avenue she surveyed agreed the road “has become unsafe” and wanted semi truck traffic eliminated.

Water Superintendent John Green suggested a “traffic study” to see what kind of vehicles are coming down the street. Trustees noted the “traffic study” would be a good start to future work on Hardin Avenue.

Fire Chief David Hickox reviewed options for a new village fire truck. Hickox is looking for a fire truck with a closed cab, up-to-date phone system and basic updates.

Hickox notes improving the South Jacksonville protection department is vital as the village continues to grow. The current fire truck is 31-years-old.

Correction made to Kimberly Rawe’s comments on this story.