GOP sweep open Greene board seats, Lashmett loses in Scott

By Benjamin Cox on November 7, 2018 at 10:20am

Greene County residents chose three Republicans in the County Board vote, and Scott County picked the GOP candidate for their Board of Commissioners.

Three Republicans were running against three Democrats for only three seats on the Greene County Board. Andrea Schnelton took the most votes of all 6 candidates with 2,539. Regan Joehl finished second with 2,326, and Christopher Elliott got 1,983, sneaking past leading Democrat vote-getter Jerry Reno, who got 1,916. Democratic Incumbent John Goode finished with 1,853 votes and Democrat Elvis Edwards got 870 votes.

In Scott County, Republican Weldon Fearneyhough defeated Democratic incumbent and most recent Board of Commissioners chairman Craig Lashmett. The total: Fearneyhough 1,125 – Lashmett 891.