Greene Co. authorities looking for man reported for alleged suspicious behavior

By Gary Scott on April 7, 2018 at 10:27am

Multiple reports of suspicious behavior in Greenfield and Rockbridge have Greene County law enforcement on the lookout for a potential suspect.

According to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, authorities received reports regarding a male subject in a white pickup truck displaying suspicious behavior. Specifically, reports claim the man has been approaching homes in rural Greene County and honking the horn of his truck at children.

Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen says the male subject is described as having long, wavy gray hair, and to be driving in an older white Ford pickup truck, possibly from the 1980s.

These reports have led to Greene County law enforcement agencies asking the public for any assistance in the way of providing information they might have. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has received two reports of a man in an older white Ford pickup truck in Greenfield and Rockbridge just this past week. Authorities say the initial incident is reported to have occurred in Rockbridge on Tuesday afternoon, when a young girl told police that the man was driving slowly near her during her walk home. Reports say the girl made it into her house safely; however moments later, she reportedly heard honking come from outside, and upon looking out of the window, spotted same white truck parked at the end of her driveway.

A second incident was reported the following day, on Wednesday, at a rural residence north of Greenfield. The owner of the home reportedly told authorities that they saw the truck driving up their driveway, getting close enough to the house to see that people were in fact home, at which point the driver backed out of the driveway and fled the area.

McMillen says that the Greenfield School District has sent out warnings to parents and students regarding these incidents.

Greene County law enforcement is asking anyone with information to please contact the Greene County Sheriff’s Department at 217-942-3135.